Why are we building the future the old way?

The traditional funding framework is no longer fit for purpose. Help us shake off the cobwebs.

How To Be Radical Guide

Based on years of development in partnership with local organizations, we are excited to share that we have a new practical guide and toolkit

Shifting the Power Balance: Effective Options for Financing Local Peacebuilding

Check out our new paper with support from the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law (KPSRL) and in collaboration with our partners at the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict. To ensure effective and sustainable peacebuilding and development, the power balance between local partners, donors, and intermediaries needs to shift: putting local partners in the lead of program design and implementation.

Our Founder, Dr. Riva Kantowitz, was honored to share her thoughts about how the private sector can support community based organizations at the UN 🇺🇳 recently

"We talk a lot about blended finance and other approaches that crowd in private sector resources, but the tools and mechanisms through which these resources flow – pooled funds or social impact bonds - are usually not scaled or structured to allow those resources to directly reach local organizations ." If you work at this intersection we’d love to hear from you

Radical Flexibility Fund

Radical Flexibility Fund (RFF) is a new organization working to improve the current foreign assistance and private foundation funding model to more efficiently and effectively get resources to individuals, networks and civil society organizations. The Fund works with stakeholders and clients to gather information about new financing approaches; uses that information to design and facilitate processes led by grassroots organizations to effectively and sustainably resource work in their communities; supports the generation of locally-led knowledge; and, monitors and disseminates the learning and impact of these new approaches. Through #RadicalFlexibility we will demonstrate to other decision makers that it is possible to #ShiftThePower through new funding approaches to achieve durable social change.

Photo Credit: Greg Funnell

What we believe

We have a vision that local people, communities and organizations are at the center of social change. They make decisions about their communities’ priorities, generate financial independence and create and implement approaches to meet their real time needs. Through trust-based relationships and direct and flexible financing, funders help to facilitate their work.

What We Do

We work with a range of donors, INGOs, non-profit and civil society organizations to design innovative financing strategies to fund locally-led social change.

Radical Flexibility Fund contributes to a new era of locally-led social change by investing in people and communities - supporting their rights and agency and amplifying their voices - in new ways by combining three elements:


Supporting communities to identify their own priorities and define their own impact


Resourcing these priorities through a broad range of funding tools that are more flexible, more inclusive and more sustainable than grants


Allocating resources in participatory ways with a focus on innovative technologies

New financial tools to generate renewable resources that will empower communities to determine their own social change priorities and their own futures.

10 Radical Actions

Simple, yet radical, steps to evolve from promises of supporting locally-led social change to action. 

Invest in local priorities.
Radiate global change.

The branding for the Radical Flexibility Fund was created by Gabriele Lari. The logo represents our commitment to placing local priorities at the center of social change; we believe that change radiates out from communities, and this wave then creates global change.

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